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Introduction to Henan University of Science and Technology

Henan University of Science and Technology (HAUST) is located in Luoyang, well-known as the thousand-year ancient capital and the peony flower city. It is a model university of Deepening Educational Reform of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a national Pilot University of Intellectual Property, a national-level Continuing Education Base for Professional and Technical Personnel, and the first rank of Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation and Technologies Transfer Bases accredited by the Ministry of Education. It’s also the “Double-first Class” construction university and one of the key comprehensive universities in the high-level construction project of Henan Province.

HAUST grew from Beijing Tractor School founded in 1952. The first “Five-year Plan” called it to move to Luoyang in support of national industrial base construction in 1956. In 1958, it was renamed Luoyang Institute of Technology and attached to the State Ministry of Machine Industry and handed over to Henan People’s Government for management in 1998. In 2002, Luoyang Institute of Technology amalgamated Luoyang Medical College and Luoyang Agricultural college to form Henan University of Science and Technology. Former Premier Li Keqiang, then Governor of Henan Province, pointed out at the Opening Ceremony that the establishment of HAUST was a crucial part of the initiative for invigorating Henan through science and education and expected it to become a distinctive, comprehensive top-ranking university.

The university has been fully implementing the educational policy of China. It has adhered to the motto of “Cultivate Virtue, Study Extensively, Develop Innovations, Practice Earnestly” and the spirit of “Encourage Self-improvement and Pursue Excellence”. HAUST has also been putting education first, giving academic development top priority and highlighting the development of connotation, which enables students to develop fully their talents and core competitiveness. In addition, it facilitates its development into a high-level comprehensive university with outstanding engineering advantages and coordinated development of agriculture, medicine, management and the other disciplines. 

So far, HAUST has had a streamlined teaching and research support system. It is composed of 2 campuses including Kaiyuan Campus and Xiyuan Campus, covering 675 acres. The floor area of the buildings are 1,590,000 square meters. Now, there are 27 schools under leadership of 6 faculties and 2 academies of classical learning offering 11 disciplines for 48,000 full-time undergraduates, graduates, and international students and 24,000 continuing education students on campus. The university also has 11 affiliate hospitals and 12 other teaching hospitals, among which the No. 1 Affiliate Hospital ranks in the top 100 best hospitals nationwide and is funded by the National Difficult and Critical Care Diagnosis and Treatment Capacity Improvement Project.

The university, in essence, has established a comprehensive university discipline system. There are 7 first-level discipline academic doctoral degree programs, 1 professional doctoral degree program, 7 post-doctoral research stations and also 41 academic master’s degree programs and 24 professional master’s degree programs. Six disciplines, including engineering, materials science, clinical medicine, agronomy, botany and zoology and lastly chemistry ranked in ESI’s global top 1%. Materials science and engineering as well as mechanical engineering have been selected as “Double First-class” construction disciplines of Henan Province. 4 disciplines have been honored the characteristic disciplines and 28 disciplines selected as key disciplines of Henan Province. The school of Marxism was honored the 1st rank provincial key schools of Marxism.

 The university has been carrying out the plan of enhancing the university with talent cultivation and introduction. By now the faculty members are composed of more than 1,200 professors, associate professors, senior technical personnel, and  1,400 teachers with PhD degrees, among whom there are over 100 part-time academicians, national scholars, and professors who serve on the 100-1000-10000 Talents Project, chairs on the Yangtze River Scholar Project and scholars on Youth Talent Project,  talents on 4 ranks of national projects, chief scientists on Scientist Studio of Central-Plain Scholars, Famous Teachers of Henan Province, Provincial Distinguished Professors and Provincial Academic and Technical Leaders. Additionally, there are 2 national-level and 7 provincial-level teaching teams, 1 national and 5 provincial Huang Danian-Style teaching teams and 20 provincial-level teams on scientific and technological innovation.

The university has been continuously building up the talent-training system. Currently, it has over 90 bachelor’s degree programs, among which there are 21 national and 51 provincial first-class programs, 12 national excellent talent training pilot programs, and 16 programs certified by China Engineering Education Professional Evaluation. As for curriculum, there are 16 national undergraduate and online quality curriculums, 132 provincial first-class curriculums and 44 provincial online quality curriculums. In terms of the teaching teams, there are 33 provincial excellent teaching teams, 1 national and 2 provincial teaching demonstration centers. With years of efforts, HAUST has contributed 360,000 graduates as senior professionals to the society and has become a key university of talent cultivation and technical support for the Chinese bearing industry and has been honored as the “Bearing Engineers Education and Training Headquarters”.

The university also strengthens practical activities in innovation and entrepreneurship education, upholding the idea of basic learning, practical skills, innovation ability and producing high-quality professionals, which leads to the first rank of universities titled as “National University of Modern Industry” and “National University of Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. Over recent years, the excellent performance of students won HAUST 1,338 awards in national university students discipline competitions and 80 national awards in China’s “Internet Plus” and “Challenge Cup”. Especially in 2022, students won the gold medal in Internet Plus”, the China International University Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, which ranked HAUST 35th among universities throughout China; students earned 2 more gold medals in “Challenge Cup”, the Chinese University Students’ Entrepreneurship Plan Competition National Finals, which ranked HAUST 33rd nationally as well and then was honored the distinguished title “National Challenge Cup”. Additionally, students won the university “National Excellent Organization Award for Universities” 8 times in “Challenge Cup”, the National Extracurricular Academic and Technological Works Competition for University Students and 1 National Grand Prize in 2023.

    The university has been striving to build an independent innovation system. Focusing on Four-aspect Services, HAUST takes the advantages of talents, science and technology and disciplines including heavy equipment, agricultural machinery, bearing, gear and metal materials to facilitate the research and development of high-speed railway bearings, national major engineering equipment and intelligent agricultural machinery equipment. For reference, there are 6 national platforms such as National Key Laboratory of Intelligent Mining Heavy Equipment and National Key Laboratory of Intelligent Agricultural Power Equipment; 84 ministerial and provincial research platforms like Henan Province New Materials and Intelligent Equipment Longmen Laboratory; 19 provincial humanities and social sciences research platforms including Research Center for Heluo Culture and the Construction of Modern Chinese Civilization as Henan Provincial Key Research Base for Humanities and Social Sciences. Lately, the university continues to improve its ability and level of integration of industry and education plus science and education, attributed to which HAUST has been honored 5 awards such as National Natural Science Award, National Technological Innovation Award, National Science and Technology Progress Award, He Liang He Li Foundation Science and Technology Award, and the 2nd Session of National Award for Excellence in Innovation; additionally awarded 31 ministerial and provincial first prizes and 57 Social Science Excellent Achievement Awards of Henan Province. Apart from these, it has also undertaken 87 national major projects and national key research and development projects.

The university takes an active part in international cooperation and exchanges at all levels. There are 4 Sino-foreign cooperation programs in running schools and the Polytechnic School of Modong as an dependent legal entity. It is also among the first rank universities who are qualified by MOE to provide bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree education for international students, enrolling over 200 international students from around 20 countries. The university exchanges and cooperates with high-level universities and institutions in 200 countries, including Russia, the US, the UK and EU countries.

Standing at a new historical point and under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, HAUST has set the goal of building a “Double First-Class” university to strengthen the all-round quality of education, continuously striving for the construction of “high-level comprehensive university with its own characteristics”.

                                  Updated on October, 2023


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